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It Warms Our Hearts

jackdThere are so many ways donors help us care for our kitties. Here are a few recent people who brought gifts to Angel’s Wish!

Jack D. had a party for his 9th birthday and instead of gifts he asked the children who were invited to bring donations to help the Angel’s Wish kitties. He brought in lots of food, toys, litter boxes, and other items that we need and $95 in cash. He was disappointed to discover that he has another 3 years before he can be a youth volunteer (at 12) but we told him he can visit any time he wants and those 3 years will fly by.

Laurie S. (on the right) must have been reading our minds because she brought us something we really needed without us asking her for them. She made two big boxes of warm poly blankets to use in our condos at adoption events. Some of these blankets will go to foster homes to keep cats comfy there.

Laurie has also volunteered to foster neonatal kittens. They are the tiny ones who need constant feeding and care. Saving these babies is so much work but it is very rewarding.