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Your support means so much to us to help cats and kittens that need our help, and we need your help again today. As good of a year as 2020 was for pet adoptions, 2021 is a different story. Adoptions have slowed down considerably. In fact, nationwide, adoptions are down nearly 20% compared to 2019, the most recent pre-pandemic year. Shelters and rescues are bursting at the seams as animals wait longer to get adopted.

Our adoption events at our Verona Adoption Center and Petsmart East Madison have resumed after a 16 month hiatus, just in time as many of our spring kittens are finally ready to go on to their new homes. If you’ve been thinking of adopting, or know anyone who may be, we have many wonderful cats and kittens ready for adoption.  

Right now, nearly 200 cats and kittens are being cared for in our volunteer foster homes and we are running over-capacity to save as many lives as possible. Knowing there are so many in need, we try to help as many as we can. It often costs us hundreds of dollars per cat to get them ready for adoption. By specializing in vulnerable kittens, we go through a lot of expensive kitten food and kitten milk replacer, not to mention litter! Every cat is treated for parasites. We test each cat for Feline Leukemia and FIV, and all are microchipped to help them get home if lost. Every cat and kitten is spayed or neutered prior to adoption. And that’s just the routine care.

Melinas kittens

Melina’s kittens are just a few of our adoptable kittens waiting for their fur-ever homes right now

This year, we’ve had more cats than ever needing expensive dental surgeries prior to adoption. A few needed so many extractions they needed them spread out over two surgeries, meaning months in foster care. Beyond dentals, we’ve had multiple cats with extensive medical issues that required expensive work-ups and treatments to get them healthy before going to their new homes. In the last three months alone, our bills for veterinary care, medical supplies and treatment, food and litter have outpaced donations by 300%.

Your donation will help us take care of the most vulnerable of felines in our community. From the days-old orphaned kitten to the geriatric cat, your donation has a direct impact on our ability to do life saving work. Please give today. 

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Thank you for considering a gift to Angel’s Wish! Your support helps cats like Melina. She came into a shelter with three of her own kittens. During her stay, this hero mom cat took on four additional orphaned kittens! Melina and her group of seven young kittens came to Angel’s Wish so they could get lots of attention in a foster home while growing up. Melina has since been spayed, and now big-enough kittens will all be spayed/neutered this Friday in preparation for their new homes.


 Melina thanks you for your support – and we are happy to know she and her kittens will find loving homes in the near future.

With sincere gratitude,

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Natalie Baldis
Volunteer & Board Member
Angel’s Wish Pet Rescue
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