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Happy Ending: Sammy

Best Buddies!

Best Buddies!

Taking a school break

Taking a work break! 

Sammy has now been with me for two weeks but it’s felt like so much longer!!! He is doing soooo well at his new home 🙂 He’s a little shy with new people, but will warm up to anyone if they give him some time (and a treat!). Him and our other cat, Chandler, are also slowly warming up to each other and love to play and chase each other around at any chance they get!  I also just started my clinical rotations for speech and language teletherapy and all the kiddos I have as clients loooove when Sammy gets to be in the session ♥️Everyone who meets him falls in love right away and tell me how lucky I am to have such a sweet companion.
Thanks so much to all of you for your help in his adoption!!
Adopted: September 2020