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Happy Ending: Piper (f/k/a BJ)

Piper hanging out with his new sister!

Piper hanging out with his new sister!

Just wanted to send an update on “BJ”, now Piper.  He’s adjusted very well.  My dog has been happy to have him around and Piper seem to like her.  Piper’s always trying to start a fight and doesn’t take it seriously when the dog barks at him.  He’s seemed to have found his appetite!  He didn’t eat the first day and a half, but once he started he hasn’t wanted to stop.  He doesn’t seem to be picky about the food either.  Piper’s now made his way to sleeping in the bed with the dog and I.  We went to see the vet on Thursday and everything looks great.

Oh and my favorite part….Piper’s a hug lover!  Gives tons of kisses on the nose and cheeks 🙂

Thanks for the opportunity to add such a great cat to the family.

Jennifer Bushart

Adopted 12/30/2007