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Happy Ending: Gomez (f/k/a Bobbie McGee)

Gomez sits way up high in the cat tree--Mom, come help me down!

Gomez sits way up high in the cat tree–Mom, come help me down!

Gomez napping with his big sister Maddie

Gomez napping with his big sister Maddie

“Hi! It’s Bobbie McGee (or as my mom calls me now “Gomez” after a favorite baseball player or “little nugget”). I’m really enjoying my new home! I have a big sister named Maddie who is 4 years old and didn’t like me the first week I was here, which caused my mom to keep me in her bedroom. Maddie liked to hiss at me but I never understood why–I’m cute and I just like to play! Anyway, after a week, Maddie warmed up to me and now we like to play every morning together. It makes my mom nervous because my sister is about 4 times bigger than me, but we know when to stop if our playing goes too far.

Lately, I have enjoyed taking naps next to my sister and she doesn’t mind at all. We even give each other kisses! My mom also has a big cat tree in front of a window and if I sit in it, I can watch birds! I like to climb to the top, but it’s so high and I’m so little that sometimes I don’t know how to get down. I have to meow and my mom comes and I climb on her shoulder, down her back, and hop right off!

At night, I really enjoy sleeping at the foot of my mom’s bed, but sometimes, she moves her toes under the blankets and I think it’s a mouse so I pounce on her toes and try biting them! Anyway, I really like it here and I want to thank you for helping me find my forever home! I love my mom and big sister!”

Adopted 7/9/2016