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Featured Volunteer: Ginger

What is your professional background?
I was a Kindergarten teacher for 32 years, never tiring of working with 5-6 year olds! I loved their energy, their innocence and their constant interest in anything new to learn! GREAT choice of a career!

How long have you been volunteering for Angel’s Wish?
I have been involved with Angel’s Wish since we moved to Horizon Drive, but since retirement in 2010 I’ve “picked up the pace” a bit!!

Why did you choose Angel’s Wish?
In 2004 a friend had introduced me to Angel’s Wish, when I adopted Mala and Tigua, because she had kitties from AW. Everyone was so helpful (I especially remember Lois and Amy!), since I had not been a cat-owner since childhood!! When Tigua passed away, again I received such wonderful help as I tried to comfort Mala. She really missed Tigua, since he died within 36 hours of getting sick.

What are your volunteering duties?
I started out volunteering on a Saturday or Sunday Adoption Day, while I was still teaching. Once I retired I joined the “Cleaning Brigade”, which means every 5 weeks it is my “ON” week to get the center ready for Adoption Weekends. I love helping all the kitties that are staying at AW during my “ON” week!! I also help with the monthly Staples recycling program that AW is involved with. WE RECYCLE USED COMPUTER INK CARTRIDGES, SO PLEASE BRING THEM TO AW!!! And, other jobs when needed!!

What pets do you have?
Right now I have two kitties, both from Angel’s Wish. Mala is 13 and Fuego is 9. Mala’s litter-mate Tigua died from FIP when he was five. I have done 8 different humanitarian trips to Gualemala, starting before I adopted my kitties. All three kitties were named after my travels to Guatemala. Mala for GuateMALA, Tigua, after the city AnTIGUA in Guatemala, and Fuego after Volcan FUEGO, an active volcano outside the city Antigua. Fuego is also a “spitfire” of a kitty, obvious the first time I met him at Angel’s Wish!! Fuego is a “purrfect” name for him!! Many times during my last 7 years of teaching, if my Kindergartners didn’t have allergies, I took Mala, Tigua, and then Fuego to school with me!!

What is most satisfying about volunteering at Angel’s Wish?
I have met such wonderful people over the years!! Experiencing everyone’s commitment to helping kitties has been impressive, to say the least! I always thought I taught with the most hard-working people everyday at school, but everyone here at Angel’s Wish works JUST AS HARD TOO!!!