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Top ten cats waiting the longest for a home

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If you are one of those wonderful people who want to give a home to a cat that has been waiting a long time, you’re in the right place! Sometimes even the NICEST cats get overlooked because of their color or ability to sleep through adoption events. Other times it is because it takes longer for bonded pairs to get adopted, or because we’ve been working through medical issues to get a cat ready for adoption. With our first-ever top-ten list, we’d like to introduce you to the cats that have been waiting for a home the longest!


Bonded pairs (best friends or siblings who need to go home together):

  • Carol Burnett and Taylor
  • Janet and Jack *Adopted 1/4/2020!*
  • Penn and Teller *Adopted 1/29/2020*

Other cats:

  • Margaret Anderson
  • Hannah Abbot *Adopted 1/29/2020*
  • Susan Bones *Adopted 1/26/2020*
  • Justin Fitch Fletchley

Visit our available animals page to learn more about these cats!