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Happy Ending: Samson

Samson is ready for bed!

Samson is ready for bed!

Look at that fluffy belly! Look...but don't touch!

Look at that fluffy belly! Look…but don’t touch!

She's behind me, isn't she?

She’s behind me, isn’t she?

I wanted to give you a quick update on Samson. He’s been here a week now and he seems to have adjusted well!

He loves running around the apartment and back and forth between the windows and Samson is absolutely thrilled to have access to the bed and the couch so he can always be near his humans and receive pets. He knows when breakfast and dinner time are now and has no problem letting us know when he’s ready for some chicken or tuna – lots of very loud meows from such a small little guy!

He’s been using his litterbox like a champ and is a very clean guy – he meows at me if I’m a half-hour late to clean it! And of course, bath time is all the time for Sammy. He has the best manners – always cleaning up, never hopping onto the counters or tables, and never trying to sneak bites of human food. Samson is still getting accustomed to city noises and doesn’t love when firetrucks and ambulances drive by, but he’s hiding under the couch less each day and gaining confidence in his new home. He’s getting as many pets as we can give him and tries to keep me from going to work in the morning so I’ll stay in bed and cuddle with him.

I cannot be more grateful for you and your wife, Tim, for saving this sweet guy and giving him a loving home to recover and learn his manners. He has been so well behaved and loving and we’re just so glad we could adopt him. Here are some photos and videos of the sweet little guy! (To see more, check out the Instagram I set up for him at @mysonsamson.)

Thanks again, Anastasia and Arman

Adopted 11/5/2019