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Happy Ending : Remuel “Remi” (F/k/a : Bruce Banner)


“As promised, here is an update on how our new kitty is settling in. Really well!!!
He came to us with a kitten name of Bruce Banner which does suit his personality but my family has a long history of naming our cats after angels. My first was Lucifer and we’ve had Gabrial, Raphael, Uriel, Sarah Phimm, just to name a few. So, Bruce is now Remuel, called Remi. He is also called Junior, Hyper-kitty and Trouble! But with great love.
He has bonded well with both me and my husband and some with our daughter in the 48 hours before she had to leave to go back to grad school. The first couple nights were spent in the bedroom with me and he obviously missed his home, crying and needing reassurance. During the second day, we kept the door open and allowed for meetings with our other cat and the dog. Sarah, our cat, is very much a “fraidy-cat” and bristled, hissed and ran away. By the third day, she was curious enough to permit sniffing and as of today, they have great fun together playing chase from one end of the house to the other. They are fast becoming friends, and, as we had hoped, the affect on Sarah has been excellent. She is more lively, getting more exercise and seems happier, playing with toys on her own initiative. They are close to snuggling and grooming and I expect we will find them curled up in the same basket soon.
Remi took to Lulu, our boxer/greyhound mix, even sooner. Mutual sniffing was achieved at the first encounter and Lulu is very happy that Remi will actually play with her! Sarah has always kept her at clawed paw length. Even better, with Remi’s example, Sarah is beginning to relax around Lulu a bit more.
I’m sorry if this is somewhat confused sounding, Remi is busy attacking your business card on my lap as I try and type!!
We did arrange to have a brand new large litter box in addition to the one we already had for Sarah and there are no problems. Both are now using them interchangeably. I am amused at their feeding preferences; this happened once before when I was a teen and my first cat found a stray kitten and insisted on bringing him into the family. We purchased kitten chow and the older cat devoured it while the kitten preferred the adult variety. It’s the same with Remi and Sarah. She loves the special kitten chow that was sent home with Remi and he prefers the large crunchy balls of Science Diet healthy teeth formula we have for Sarah. Remi seems willing to eat anything so I have no concerns there. In fact, there are no concerns anywhere.
Remi is a total joy. I am especially happy with how loving he is with David, my husband. I think Remi has a thing for beards!
My daughter asks for pictures all the time. I’ll attach a couple here. My favorite is one from only about two hours after adoption. He is curled up with Megan.
Thank you for a truely wondeful addition to our family. He is a credit to his loving fostering and a sweet mom.
Oh, I almost forgot to tell you the most funny thing that has happened so far! Remi, like many cats, likes to join you in the bathroom. I had finished and was reaching to flush when Mr. Curiosity decided to jump up and take a closer look. He overshot the leap and did a nose dive! I immediately hauled him out and hosed him off in the sink. He seemed to mind that more. I laughed so hard at the whole thing that I needed my inhaler!!”
Again, thank you. We are all very happy.
Kathy (Anna)