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Happy Ending: Olive and Vern (f/k/a Emmie and Soos)


“We’re so happy we were able to provide a forever home Emmie & Soos! They are so sweet, active, and full of character.

A few weeks before we visited Angel’s Wish, we lost our beloved cat Oliver. Oliver was buff colored, like Soos, and had long hair, like Emmie. We fell in love with Soos and Emmie immediately. Because each one had a characteristic that reminded us of Oliver, we renamed them Olive and Vern.

They’re adjusting really well to their new home, and we’re grateful for all the work the foster family did with their socialization. We can tell the girls were kind to the kitties, because they took to our two boys quickly. In the shoebox bed the foster family gave us we found a napkin with a sweet heart-shaped hole cut into it which we assume one of the girls made for the kitties. We have this on our refrigerator now.

Olive is still a bit more shy than Vern, but she loves to get pets when she’s in a calmer mood and Vern isn’t chasing her around (or vice versa). We were so happy when Vern was comfortable enough with us on the first day to cuddle with us on the couch. When he’s in a calm mood, he’s super snuggly and likes to lie down close to our faces for pets. They both love the variety of cat toys we use with them, from laser pointers to feather wands to catnip mice to scratchy boxes with jingly balls inside that they can paw at through holes. We live in a house with a lot of trees and squirrels and birds around it, so there’s a lot of entertainment outside for the kitties to look at, too.

Thanks again for all the good work you do. We love Olive and Vern!

Best wishes,

Larisa and Scott