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Happy Ending: Cinnamon and Toast

It has been a couple years since we adopted Cinnamon and Toast and we wanted to provide a new update for those that miss them. 🙂  They are doing great!  We moved last year right before COVID restrictions hit, and now they have a much larger house to call home.  They were already warming up to us in our apartment, but now that we’re in a quieter spot, they have really blossomed.  

Cinnamon and Toast love playing together!

They love to sit and look at the birds out the window, and they chase each other around from room to room. Toast is constantly asking for play and pets (he is a big fan of getting his tummy tickled). It’s amazing thinking back to how timid he was at first, and now he roams around like king of the kitty castle.

Bird watching! How cute!

Cinnamon has taken a bit longer to warm up, but now he’ll come into the office or bedroom and announce his presence for attention. He loves getting scratched on the neck. He also sits on the table behind my husbands’ desk and asks for treats.

Cinnamon thinking some through very important issues!

As I’m writing this they are both taking a nap on the floor behind my chair.   Both of them have come such a long way and we are forever grateful to Angel’s Wish for helping bring us together!

Adopted 3/3/2019