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Happy Ending : Bellatrix & Narcissa (F/K/A : Stella & Ebony)


I have decided to name Stella Bellatrix, and Ebony Narcissa.  They are the names of a pair of fictional sisters from Harry Potter with the family name “Black”, which I thought was appropriate.  I will use those names throughout the rest of the email.
I should start by saying that they are both doing well.  They are eating most of their dry food (I know you said to leave it until they finish, but some cats are picky about that, so to be sure they eat I have been changing it each day when I do the water and litter).  They are still getting the 50/50 mix you recommended.  I am giving them half a can each of the Purina Kitten wet food each night, which I think goes a long way toward earning their good will.  I definitely understand now why you emphasized putting that onto two plates!  Although most of the time, they get partway through eating, and then switch to the other one’s plate.  Bellatrix doesn’t always finish her portion, but Narcissa will eat any extra.
The girls have completely taken over the bathroom they started in.  It is a common sight to find them in the morning on top of the counter — Narcissa likes to sleep in the sink.  They still retreat to the bathroom whenever they get startled, but I’ve let them out into the living room of the apartment too.  Bellatrix is quite friendly at this point — it only took 3-4 days for her to come up asking to get petted, and I was surprised at how loudly she could purr.  She was also the first one to start exploring — Narcissa would watch her go, and sometimes go a little bit out of the bathroom to look for her, but never more than a couple of feet.  But Saturday night, I put the wet food outside the bathroom, and coming out to eat it in the living room was enough for her to start exploring properly.  It is really cute to watch them chase each other around the living room.  Narcissa is still somewhat stand-offish, as you expected she would be.  She is clearly getting more comfortable — at this point, she will let me put treats right next to her — but she isn’t very interested in getting petted.  On the other hand, if I pet her a little while she is eating her treats, she also doesn’t shy away from my hand.  Definite progress!
The girls like the laser pointer and feather-stick toys a lot.  They are not super interested in the ball in a track toy, although Bellatrix does know how to work it now.  The other toys get moved around the bathroom when I am not watching, so I think they are playing with them too.
I am really happing having the girls here, and they are showing clear signs of adapting to their life with me.