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Fall In Love With a Black Cat

Look at those eyes!

Look at those eyes!

Jackson & Galaxy

Jackson & Galaxy

Visit any shelter or rescue group and you’ll almost always find an abundance of black, black & white, or black-plus-another-color cats waiting for their forever homes. Speculations abound as to why this is. It’s science, say some people. The black fur gene is dominant so there are just more black cats than other colors. Others say it’s mythology. Black cats are bad luck. Or it’s the occult—black cats are really witches in disguise. Or maybe it just comes down to optics: black cats are difficult to photograph, making them look unfriendly or less attractive, Whatever the reason, some studies say these lovely felines end up spending more time in shelters and foster homes and are the last to be adopted.

However, almost anyone who has owned a black cat will vehemently deny the above claims—black cats are the sweetest, friendliest, most loving cats they’ve ever had. Just check out any of the post’s Angel’s Wish has made about black cats, and you’ll see tons of comments from black cat enthusiasts, extolling the virtues of their house panthers, voids, tuxedos, and other beautiful babies. 

One of our Angel’s Wish volunteers, Angela, remembers her experience getting a black cat with fondness and humor. She told us, “I grew up on a farm with at least 20 barn cats always running around. They were all either black or gray. As I got older and decided to get my own cats, I never even looked at black or gray cats because I thought they were boring”

Angela continues: “Four years ago, I lost my 19-year-old male cat. He was a beautiful Maine Coon and so gentle and calm. I felt his calmness missing in the house, as did my remaining three cats. I decided to look for a cat that had the gentleness and calmness that we were missing, no matter the look.”

Angela put in applications at a number of area shelters and rescues because she knew she was going to adopt when she found the right cat. As luck would have it, her vet mentioned a beautiful Maine Coon at an adoption center near Madison called Angel’s Wish. Angela rushed over, but “unfortunately, he was already getting adopted,” she said. “I decided to keep looking, because who can resist kittens?” She walked around the Angel’s Wish adoption center, interacting with kittens, when she came across a bonded pair of kittens: Tiki and Tonka, “a beautiful Lynx Point Siamese kitten and a fluffy little black kitten. The Lynx Point had the calm demeanor that I was looking for, and the black kitten was goofy and playful. I lingered and played with them, enjoying how laid-back Tiki was and how much Tonka made me laugh.” 

However, knowing they were a bonded pair, Angela turned away to leave, because she didn’t want five cats. As she started to walk away, she heard a tiny, little “mew” behind her. “I turned around, and there was Tonka, the little black kitten, reaching her little black paw out between the bars towards me. That’s when I knew I was now going to have five cats.”

While Angela may have originally been drawn to Tiki’s (now renamed Jackson) calm, steadfast personality, what she didn’t realize until she got them home was “they were both the perfect cats for my home. My black girl, who I renamed Galaxy, has been the best surprise of all. She brings me such joy. She is one of the goofiest cats I’ve met—she loves to get her belly rubbed and has a very specific routine that we have to follow at the end of the workday. She is the most in-tune with my other cats and interacts with them in the way they need, whether that’s a snuggle and a nap or some playful chasing around the house. Now, I can’t believe I never wanted a black cat because I can’t imagine my life without one.” 

If you’re still unsure, check out some of the lovely black & black and white cats we have available for adoption over on our website: We know you’ll fall in love, just like Angela did.