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Esti, Johnny Winter, and Jewel

Esti, Johnny Winter, and JewelWanted: Mom and two kids (boy and girl) seeking a loving home where they can shower you with antics, attention and love in exchange for giving them the opportunity to stay together for the rest of their lives.

Says Esti’s foster mom:

“We would love to see Esti adopted with her remaining two available kittens, Jewel and Johnny Winter. Esti has been a devoted and attentive mother to her four kittens (Johnny & Edgar Winter, Jewel and Pearl, Edgar & Pearl were recently adopted). Esti is especially bonded to her kids because this is her first litter that has lived. Esti was born without mammary glands or nipples. The property where she was living had seen that she was pregnant twice before but had never seen her with kittens. Since she would not have had any way to nurse them, they would not have survived.

Of course this had to be traumatic and hard for Esti trying to care for her kittens only to watch them slowly pass. Because of this, she is especially vigilant and careful to keep an eye on her kittens at all times. When the kittens recently went in for their spay/neuter appointments, she searched the house top to bottom constantly calling out to them trying to find them. She did not rest until they came home 8 hours later. And even then, because of the surgery I kept them in their carriers for a while and she vigilantly sat next to their carriers watching over them. Also, just like human mothers, when I refill their food dishes, she will stand back and make sure her kittens have finished eating before she starts to eat.

I cannot think of a greater gift for Esti than to be adopted into a home that would like to add a loving cat family. The joy of keeping her with her two remaining kids would be a joy that will keep giving throughout their lifetime with you and your family.”