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Archive: April 2017

Happy Ending : Bellatrix & Narcissa (F/K/A : Stella & Ebony)


I have decided to name Stella Bellatrix, and Ebony Narcissa.  They are the names of a pair of fictional sisters from Harry Potter with the family name “Black”, which I thought was appropriate.  I will use those names throughout the rest of the email. I should start by saying that they are both doing well.  […]

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Happy Ending : George (F/K/A : Obie)


“We just wanted to update you on how Obie (now George) is fairing! We are in love with him! He gives us kisses and head butts in the morning and loves to play! We finally introduced him to our other kitty Pete and they get along fantastically! They play together, cuddle, and groom  each other. […]

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Happy Ending : Lieutenant Dan & Bubba (F/K/A : Festus & Oakley)


“Festus and Oakley (now Lieutenant Dan and Bubba) are settling in nicely to their new home! They love chasing each other around and playing with everything and anything. It’s been a joy having them around!” Jenny

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Happy Ending : Eevee


“Eevee is adjusting in our family very well! She had her first professional photos taken, and she’s a beautiful baby. We are so happy that we waited until the right timing and it was! She loves my children, always follows them everywhere. Gets along w our dog, with no problems. Often give each other kisses […]

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Happy Ending : Willy & Cato (F/K/A : Chip & Cato)


“Just wanted to send you some recent photos of my beautiful boys, Willy and Cato.  They are such good boys and so loving. Hope all is well with you and Angel’s Wish…” (These beautiful boys were adopted approx. 2014) Blessings Kathy

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Happy Ending : Hazelnut (F/K/A : Isabelle)


I just wanted to give you another update on Hazelnut. We took Hazel to the vet around two weeks ago and she was a star patient! No yowling or scratching and she has a clean bill of health! She is settling in well to our apartment and definitely acquiring more spunk. We got her a […]

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Happy Ending : Remuel “Remi” (F/k/a : Bruce Banner)


“As promised, here is an update on how our new kitty is settling in. Really well!!! He came to us with a kitten name of Bruce Banner which does suit his personality but my family has a long history of naming our cats after angels. My first was Lucifer and we’ve had Gabrial, Raphael, Uriel, […]

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Happy Ending : Pumpkin (f/k/a: Firefly)


Thanks for everything you do! Here’s Firefly (now Pumpkin’s) first night. She’s a very happy kitty! Sammi

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Happy Ending: Kennedy


Just an update on Kennedy. He is a ball of fire! We cuddle in the mornings before work and again after work. His curiosity and fearlessness is impressive.  He is such a loving boy and I’m so happy I found him. Becky

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Happy Ending: Annie


Annie has quickly gotten very comfortable in her new home and with her new brother, François (3&1/2) since arriving on Sunday. I kept her in a safe room for the first two nights and while I was at work. When I was home, I let the two get together in her room. On Monday night, […]

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