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Happy Ending: April

April takes a quick coffee break while writing her update to send to Angel's Wish.

“Hello, everyone, It turns out my new home is pretty sweet. Free food, free sun from big windows, free healthcare, fresh linens, and staff that understand a feline is never wrong. Imagine a king-sized bed with six or seven pillows. It’s ridiculously luxurious. But I also have a ton of smaller baskets I can settle […]

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Happy Ending: Murphy (f/k/a Barcode)

"Hello, human! No need for socks--I'll keep your feet warm!"

In March of this year, we adopted Barcode, now known as Murphy. He is absolutely delightful and is a perfect addition to our family. We simply can not imagine life without him. Murphy was pretty shy the first couple weeks, but quickly warmed up to the family including our cat Freya. It took Freya a […]

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Happy Ending: Daca

Daca has already made herself quite comfortable on her new bed.

Daca the sweet cat is settling in quickly. Day 2 and she’s already getting really comfortable in the house as you can see in the picture. She is such a sweetie. She snuggles and sleeps with me. She loves playing with my husband and the cat string. I have a vet appointment for her set […]

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Happy Ending: Toby

Toby, in one of his calmer moments, being a super affectionate charmer.

Mr. Toby (full name: Toby Vladimir ‘Spressobean the First) is doing well with us and his new siblings. He’s still getting the hang of eating wet food instead of kibble, and he’s got some etiquette fine-tuning to do when he plays (he’s *very* exuberant!), but he’s been thoroughly enjoying getting pets, watching wildlife out the […]

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Happy Endings: Apollo & Calypso (f/k/a Lark & Robin)

Apollo and Calypso snuggle together for some nice pets from their human.

Both cats are doing great and adjusting well to life in a busy household. The kids just love them and show them off to all their friends. They had their first vet visits and are doing well. Both cats had yeast infections in their ears but we are treating them twice a day with drops […]

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Happy Endings: Coal & Lisa

"'Scuse me, this is MY sunbeam. You'll need to find your own."

Thank you so very much for your help with our adoption of our two lovely black cats – they’ve adapted very nicely to our home, and we couldn’t be happier! They both love to lie in our laps when they’re not feeling too playful. They have such great personalities. Best wishes, Toby and Valerie Adopted […]

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Happy Ending: Alchemy (f/k/a Dyson)

Belly rubs while napping--can life get any better? Alchemy doesn't think so!

Alchemy is a West Coast Kitty now! He was a perfect angel on the big drive out to Washington State and provided comfort to his little brother Pogo (adopted while we lived in Michigan). They didn’t cry at all the whole way! Alchemy was a brave boy, didn’t hide in the hotel rooms, and slept […]

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Happy Ending: Tyg (f/k/a Liatta)

Tyg taking a rest after a long day of talking and playing.

Tyg is such an awesome cat! She’s super smart, learns very quickly, and is very sweet and affectionate. She likes to play fetch with her mouse toys, look out the window from the kitty condo, and of course TALK ALL THE TIME, which I love. When she wants to be pet she grabs my hand […]

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Happy Endings: Conner & Shamus

Shamus wastes no time finding a prime napping spot.

Shamus and Conner continue to settle in. They were both our spare bedroom/toy room until yesterday after the vet. Shamus is quite the explorer and Conner is still hiding a bit. The girls are still a little hissy but the boys don’t seem to mind. Both of the boys are getting used to our black […]

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Happy Ending: Lewis

Frannie (buff) shares her throne with Lewis (black & white).

I have an update for you on our kitten adoption – everything is great! Mark and I adopted a kitten (Lewis) from Angels Wish in January to entertain the kitten we previously acquired from a neighbor. We took home a black and white male kitten from Angels Wish on your recommendation – and that you […]

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