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Happy Ending: Bécquer (f/k/a Houston)

Becquer finds a quiet place to meditate in his new home.

So it’s been 10 days since Houston was adopted, and I read his foster family note carefully. They called him Lover boy and it made me want to name him after a poet I really like, Bécquer. (pronounced becker/bekker) He’s a super snuggly kitten who loves attention and Da Bird toys. He loves sleeping in […]

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Happy Endings: Lola & Daisy (f/k/a Meadow & Ms. Chester)

Lola & Daisy take a break from watching the outside to take a photo for their new human.

I’m happy to report that the kitties I adopted on 5/31 are doing well! Lola (formerly Meadow) and Daisy (formerly Ms. Chester) are adapting well to their new home and seem very happy. Lola is great at giving hugs and kisses and loves attention. Daisy is comfortable walking up to me and will let me […]

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Happy Ending: Jubilee

Jubilee takes in the surrounding of her new home. Under this table seems safe.

I just wanted to give you an update on Jubilee! She is doing great!  We couldn’t have asked for a better addition to our family.  In fact, right when we brought her home she acted like she had lived here for years.  She even watched from the toilet seat when I gave the girls a […]

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Happy Ending: Piper (f/k/a BJ)

Piper hanging out with his new sister!

Just wanted to send an update on “BJ”, now Piper.  He’s adjusted very well.  My dog has been happy to have him around and Piper seem to like her.  Piper’s always trying to start a fight and doesn’t take it seriously when the dog barks at him.  He’s seemed to have found his appetite!  He didn’t […]

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Happy Ending: Rocket (f/k/a M. Viking)

Rocket finds  a warm spot between a computer and one of his humans.

Hello, I just wanted to follow up with some pictures of M. Viking (now Rocket). He fits into the family so well! He loves his three people but also his three fellow kitties, Boo, Reese, and Sam. I am happy with how respectful he is of our 17-year-old cat! Thank you! Adopted 10/15/2016

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Featured Volunteer: Kate Schultz

Scar photos--with James

Angel’s Wish is so lucky to have people like Kate Schultz volunteering for us! We benefit from her many skills, creativity, and energy. She began volunteering behind the scenes by doing donations processing. Recently she and her husband took on taking care of kitties at our satellite adoption location at Pet Supplies Plus in Fitchburg. […]

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Happy Ending: Westley (f/k/a Sheeran)

Westley enjoys a good snooze on a cozy blanket in his fur-ever home.

Wanted to provide you with an update on Sheeran – he is now known as Westley and doing great. He adjusted to his new house quickly and is slowly but surely making friends with our 10-year-old tortie, Guinness. He is a bundle of energy and his favorite toy is a bird on a string, but […]

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Happy Ending: Barbara Gordon

Barbara in one of her favorite napping spots: her human's arms!

I’m writing to give you an update on Barbara Gordon who I adopted on 2/6/19. She’s doing fantastic and is having a blast with our other cat Belle. Barbara fit right in and enjoys sleeping in our arms during the day and nestled next to our faces at night. Belle and Barbara spend hours running […]

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Happy Endings: Luna & Daisy (f/k/a Minerva and Binty)

Luna is now in charge of the cat tree. Do you have an appointment?

Hi, I wanted to let everyone know that Minerva and Binty (now Luna and Daisy respectively) are doing great at home.  They spent the first several days hanging out in cat central (the master bedroom) but have now been given mostly free-reign in the house except when everyone is gone.  By the end of the […]

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Happy Ending: Kennedy (f/k/a Cameron)

Kennedy poses for his glamor shots.

Just an update on Kennedy. He is a ball of fire! We cuddle in the mornings before work and again after work. His curiosity and fearlessness are impressive.  The first couple of days I thought Grayson was going to have a breakdown and I thought Jackson was plotting Kennedy’s murder but as the week went […]

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