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Retirement homes needed

Senior cats often come to us when their older person transitions into a care facility or passes away. Other times, a shelter sends an S.O.S. after a senior gets too depressed. After all, these cats are used to having a person and can’t understand why their person doesn’t come back for them. If you are in the position to offer one of these special cats a forever home in their senior years, they will reward you with a heap of love like you have never experienced. Whatever you put into your relationship with a senior cat will come back ten-fold…we promise! If you have never been owned by a grandma or grandpa cat, we assure you it is an amazing experience. Don’t worry…they will transition to your home just fine. And no, you may not have enough time with them (although cats are living into their 20s more and more often), but kitties live in the moment and will live their life to their fullest if given the opportunity. And that’s a gift you can give them…by taking the plunge, passing by the adorable little kittens, and saying, yes…the lives of older cats ARE worth saving.




R2 D2 is a gentle soul with a kind heart and a quiet purrsonality. He recently became homeless when his best friend in the world passed away. The life he knew for 17 years is gone forever. He’s had a complete physical and blood work done and has been pronounced healthy. If you’re looking for a mannerly, refined, senior gent to share relaxing, quiet times with R2 D2 would be the perfect companion.


Picasso is as you might expect, a beautiful work of art. From his bronze coat with black markings to his gorgeous green eyes. His personality is just as stunning. He’s low key, well mannered and loves people attention. At 10 years young Picasso deserves a loving, quiet household to enjoy his next 10 years. A well mannered dog or cat wouldn’t bother him given proper introductions.

ADOPTED!! Picasso

Bayley and Sasha

Bayley, the long-haired sister, came in with matted fur, but absolutely loves being combed and even gave her foster mom kisses as she tugged at the worst of her mats. Sasha is a bit more shy, but once you get her purr motor going, she can’t stop! Splitting the two girls up is not an option after they’ve been together their whole lives. We are hoping someone special will open their heart and home to these sweet girls and give them a wonderful retirement home.

Winston is a handsome senior gentleman and is about 11 years old. He may be older but he is still active and playful! He is also a lap cat. He has been front declawed.

ADOPTED!! Winston


IN FOSPICE (Foster Hospice) Katie