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Happy Endings : Woodrow


“Well another missive about “Toast” my name for Woodrow.  I’m completely smitten, learning his personality has been wonderful.  He’s currently having regular bowel movements (so I’m less wary) and I got him a cat bubbler – keeping him hydrated to his heart’s content.  (He was begging for the bathroom sink to be turned on as his source, he’s stopped now).  And you all weren’t kidding about how well he takes his meds… it’s an absolute breeze. And there hasn’t been a single “incident” – I keep his box really clean – scooping every time I go in the bathroom and there is a clump. So I think he’s happy with that. Thanks again.

He’s a great cuddler/sleeper, but isn’t too clingy -enjoys roaming the apt.”

Take care,


(Can you tell I have “new pet mom” syndrome?  It’s been 9 years and I’m just thrilled to have him.) heh