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Happy Endings : Stella & Ebony (f/k/a : Bellatrix & Narcissa)

bella and narci

“The last time I wrote, I had only had Bellatrix (Stella) and Narcissa (Ebony) for 10 days.  Bellatrix was willing to be petted, but Narcissa still wasn’t interested.  They were exploring outside of their bathroom, but still spent a fair amount of time in there.  It was great progress, at the time.
Since then, things have changed considerably.  The girls are very familiar with the entire apartment now, with the exception of a few closets that I keep closed most of the time.  I’ve even had to move some things around, as they were finding unexpected ways to get on top of bookshelves and counters.  Narcissa has come around very well — it is strange to remember the time when she was unwilling to get petted.  I have high hopes that she will someday be a lap cat, but right now she is more of a foot cat — if I have socks on, she will plop her head down on my foot, or grapple my foot, when she wants to be petted.  They both come to greet me at the door when I get home.  Bellatrix still likes to be petted, and will often come running if she hears Narcissa purring.  At night now, Bellatrix tends to sleep in petting range, and Narcissa toward the foot of my bed.
My work week is generally consistent, so we have our daily routines now.  The girls wake up a bit before I do, and are waiting when my alarm goes off.  The biggest morning spectacle is replacing their water.  They like to watch it get filled, and are a lot more comfortable with the sound of running water than they used to be.  They also like to lick the water left near the drain, once I’m done.  In the evening, I find them near the door when I get home, and we play for a while.  They have learned to play with the ball in a track on their own, and at this point I have acquired a number of other toys for them.  Their favorite toy, by far, is a 6-foot long piece of string that I had from a package.  There is one end for each of them, and they really get excited trying to catch the ends.  So much so, that when I wrap it all up to put it away, they sometimes spend a minute or so looking around to see if it is somehow hiding nearby.  I also bought them a little cat tree at the one month mark.  They sleep most of the day, so on the weekends I find them at the top of the tree (which is just below the window, another of their favorite places) or on the armchair.  The evening meal of wet cat foot is still very well received, although Bellatrix has become a little pickier about how it is presented!  For a while I thought she had lost her taste for one of the flavors, but if I chop it up she likes it fine.
A little after the one month mark, I took the kittens to the vet for a checkup.  Thanks again for the recommendation.  I’m happy to report that they are both in good shape!  The vet didn’t have find anything concerning, and thought that they were both a good weight for their size.  According to the paperwork I was given, they started at 5.75 pounds at the beginning of February.  In early March, Bellatrix had gone up to 6 pounds 3 ounces…  And Narcissa is up to 6 pounds 10 ounces!  She is visibly larger at this point, and this has produced one of the sillier situations for the cats.  I put the scratching post that I bought at Angel’s Wish into their bathroom, both so that they could have access to it when they first arrived and so that they would have a route up to the sink (the highest place in the bathroom).  So in that bathroom, they are both able to reach the sink.  In my bathroom, Narcissa is now big enough to jump up from the toilet to the counter… but Bellatrix is not!  As a result, she will sit at the bottom and meow at me until I pick her up and put her up there too.  It is pretty funny, and the process is actually making her a lot more comfortable with being carried generally.
The kittens have come so far from when I met them at the shelter.  I’m very happy that I brought them home.”