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Happy Endings : Rikki Nelson (f/k/a : Gizmo)

gizmo and lexi lela1

“It is just about a year since we adopted Gizmo, now Rikki Nelson from you/Angel’s Wish. He is the best kitty one could ever hope for, and then some. Rikki lives with our old kitty Gwen very peacefully, and 4 working therapy dogs. His BFF is our 13 year old blind Border Collie Lexi Lela. The two are inseparable kitchen dwellers, cuddling up at night and staying close the rest of the time, too. Rikki is a guide cat of sorts, walking Lexi around our home touching her ever so softly, and accompanying out to the screened in porch when she has to go out and potty. He waits for her to return from this errand, then rubs on her and gently guides her back to their places. We are forever grateful for this incredible feline spirit being!”

Best wishes,