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Happy Endings : Kuro (f/k/a : Chip)


“I wanted to include Goldy in this email because she was such great help during the adoption process I wanted her to know how Chip was settling in.  Chips new name is Kuro, Japanese for black. He is a loving and playful kitten. He loves sitting in his cat tree and looking out the window. His favorite toy is a little mouse attached to a string that we toss around! Every morning when he is ready for breakfast he’ll let you know by meowing constantly! He has a very healthy appetite and has been going potty in the litter box since day one.  Today we clipped his nails and he did SO good! Didn’t hiss or growl at Nic or myself. Nic and I love Kuro more than anything. “
He is the best cat we could have asked for!
Thank you so much for this opportunity
Katelyn & Nic