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Happy Ending: Queenie

Anna came to us as a wonderful momma to Winkie, Blinkie, and Nadia. She was not used to humans and did not like us much but she loved other cats. We were despairing on whether she would be able to find a home. We decided to look at it from another perspective – maybe we could work with her love of other cats.

Anna found a home as a companion to 16-year-old Magdalene, who had lost her beloved feline friend, Dom, nine months earlier. Magdalene had lost interest in food and seemed to be in failing health. After a short period of adjustment, Magdalene decided she enjoyed Anna’s company and life was worth living after all. Anna likes to head bump and Magdaline doesn’t love it, but has grown to tolerate it. Anna loves her human mom too, now that she has had a chance to get to know her.

Says her human, “Ms Anna Karenina has become one of the world’s most charming creatures. She has cajoled and cuddled my older kitty, Ms Magdalene, into eating and playing again, and is a constant source of laughter and snuggliness. She is the perfect cat for both Magdalene and me and we are both so grateful to Angel’s Wish. Happy Holidays!”