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Happy Ending: Molly

Angel's Wish kitten Molly snuggles with her new Shiba Inu brother Eddie in a great happy ending picture

Mollie and Eddie are smitten with each other

Matchmaking our adoptable cats and kittens with their new family, including other animals in the household, is our specialty. We love to get updates as our kitties adjust to their new homes and hear about happy endings!

“I wanted to send Angel’s Wish a giant thank you for being so kind, knowledgeable, and helpful with finding us the perfect addition to our little family.

Molly is the perfect fit and within a couple hours she was already showing she was feeling comfortable and wanted to explore the house..even our dog! Now, 10 days later her and Eddie (our Shiba Inu) are best friends. They play together, nap together and even eat together.

She is the sweetest little girl and comes to greet you at the door and is a little shadow everywhere we go. I have never had a cat prior to Molly but she is definitely the best one for us.” ~Mara

Molly was adopted in May 2016.