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Happy Ending: Coco (f/k/a Josette)


“Coco (formerly Josette) is doing great at our household. Our first cat (Tilly) is a bundle of energy so we had the two of them separated for about a day. There was a lot of paws under the doors during that time 🙂 super adorable. We started to have them together when we were home and almost immediately the two were friends! Such happy cats!!
Other stuff, these two have used both cat-box options and have eaten out of each others food dishes. There is no territorial behavior which is just splendid! Since Coco is the younger of the two, Tilly has taken the lead to teach her the house rules and is sure to bat her when she does something wrong (i.e. dig in the plants).
Overall we could not be happier! Thank you so much for this opportunity. We are so in love with our kitties :)”
All the best,
Dora and Alex