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Happy Beginning: Shona

shonaShona was adopted from Angel’s Wish in the spring of 2015. A short time after her adoption she got out of her new home and disappeared. Eleven months later she was picked up and taken to a veterinarian who scanned her for a microchip, which they found. One wonders how she survived on the streets. She was returned to her home, but the other cat who she had been adopted with had gotten used to being the “top cat” and would not tolerate her.

Back she came to Angel’s Wish. This time she stayed for 6 months. Her FIV+ status put off many people who might have been attracted to her striking calico markings and quiet ways.

Then along came Shona’s new mom and it was love at first sight! She is a student in her last semester of college. She shares she spent “7 years trying to go to school while struggling with both physical and psychiatric disabilities. I have very severe anxiety in the form of both OCD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder with panic attacks, and I was at the point where there was nothing else they could do for me medically. So my accommodation specialist … helped me apply to have a cat in my dorm room as an Emotional Support Animal. After a lot of searching for just the right cat, I found Shona and I just knew she was the right one.”

“In the three years that I’ve been at college, this is the first during which I haven’t had an episode of severe anxiety and depression, and I completely owe that success to my wonderful Shona. She is so sweet, ridiculously funny, and perfectly happy to just hang out with me. She also loves making friends and brings so much joy to my family, friends, and dorm-mates who delight in the chance to pet her silky fur and play with her. Shona is an incredible blessing and her love and companionship has been and continues to be instrumental in helping me cope with both my normal anxiety and the added anxiety of being a senior. I feel less anxious about my future because I know that no matter where I go, I’ll have my sweet, calico baby with me.

Shona and I needed each other, and I believe that’s a testament to the power and importance of animal rescue organizations like Angel’s Wish. I am so grateful to the wonderful people who rescued Shona and took care of her until I came along. Thanks to Angel’s Wish I have a fur baby who is the best anxiety treatment in the world and Shona will be spoiled with love and attention for the rest of her life.”