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What Is Fostering?nursing kitten

Fostering is accepting an animal into your home for a temporary amount of time until they can be placed in an appropriate, loving home. All of the animals at Angel’s Wish live in foster homes while awaiting adoption.  We believe fostering provides a comfortable home environment for our animals to flourish. Many of our animals are healthy and just need a temporary place until they find their forever home.  Other animals are under socialized, unweaned, pregnant, sick, or injured and need additional specialized care to become ready for adoption.

What are the Benefits of Fostering?

Fostered animals tend to be adopted quickly and good family matches are easier to make. Not only are the animals more highly social, there is more information known about them. The better you understand and know your foster animal, the more information Angel’s Wish can provide to potential adopters, elevating the opportunity for a good match into a permanent, loving home.

What Types of People Foster Animals?

People from all walks of life find fostering a rewarding experience. Some families foster as a way to teach their children about compassion and responsibility in a creative and collaborative way. Home schooling families have found fostering a great teaching endeavor. Youth have done it for community service projects, either for schools or through organizations like Girl Scouts and 4-H. Retired people find fostering a greatly rewarding way to spend their retirement years. Sometimes people that are looking to adopt do foster care until they find the perfect match and adopt their foster animal. Whatever your reason, foster care helps give animals the very best chance for a successful adoption!

How To Become A Foster Home

Volunteers all over Southern Wisconsin are giving their time and their hearts to provide temporary homes for cats and dogs awaiting adoption. Can you help, too?

We are always looking for new loving homes to foster our kitties! If you think you are ready to become a foster home, please complete our foster home inquiry form. If you would like more information, please contact us at 608.848.4174 or email us at .