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Featured Adoptable: Shona

Adoptable cat Shona

Shona enjoys playing on the cat tree while waiting for her new family


Shona is as friendly as she is beautiful. She loves to entertain by dancing on her tippy toes when she plays. We call her our “Irish Dancer.”

Her name means lucky in Gaelic and she is! Twice in her short life she has lived outdoors for a period of time – the first time living in outbuildings of a rural property and the second, as a cat who got out of her adopted home and lived on the street for 10 months. While she is happy to find herself safe and well fed, she now is in the position of needing a new home.

She gets along fine with polite dogs. We did find her to be FIV+, likely attacked by a cat while she lived outside. From now on Shona will need to live the life of luxury indoors with good food and annual vet exams like all kitties deserve. She can live with other friendly cats that are FIV-; the kitty she originally came in with tested negative.


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