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Archive: March 2019

Happy Endings: Fane & Fisk

Fane (gray tabby) and Fisk (black cat) are caught in the act of having too much fun!

Fane and Fisk are doing fantastic!  They have made themselves right at home and fit in perfectly.  We are so happy we found them and couldn’t have asked for better cats.  The perfect mix of playing and cuddling.  Our whole family can’t thank everyone at Angels Wish enough for bringing these two into our lives.  […]

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Happy Ending: Jen Jen

Jen Jen in her fur-ever home, thankful for the people who made her part of their family.

I just wanted to send a happy ending story about Jen Jen. Almost 2 years ago, I saw her on a post that told her sad story about years of being in a shelter and not being very good at the adoption center or around other cats.  The post did say she could be ok […]

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Happy Ending: Dolly (f/k/a Jolene)

Dolly finds a cat bed that fits her perfectly!

I’ve had Dolly home since last Saturday, and she is a perfect fit. The vet said she’s healthy and thriving. She now weighs 5.9 and will probably be a tiny adult…around 7 pounds or so. Things are going very well with Oliver, my black 9-year-old cat. He was very welcoming, but she hissed and fat-tailed […]

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Happy Endings: Stuart & Rupert (f/k/a Sunny & Christopher)

Rupert enjoys all of the comforts of his new home.

My husband and I adopted Sunny and Christopher last week, and I wanted to give you an update on our boys! We ended up renaming them Stuart and Rupert, and we could not be more in love with them. They’re both doing great, and we have enjoyed spoiling them. Despite them looking so similar, their […]

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Happy Ending: Bernie (f/k/a Blacktop)


“Bernie” is doing really well!  He hid a lot the first couple of days and Milo was not very friendly, hissing whenever he came near.  We gave him one bedroom as his “safe space”, but after a week the two have totally acclimated and are even playing a little.  Milo is no longer hissing, and […]

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Happy Ending: Scamp

Scamp seems right at home trying to decide what kind of mischief to get into next!

We adopted Scamp in late April. We thought about changing his name but after checking the definition of “Scamp” (Rascal, Rogue, an impish or playful young person) we decided the name fits him! He is quite a character. His favorite play activity is to chase the dot of a laser pointer. He has found a forever […]

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Happy Ending: Buster (f/k/a Violin)

Buster (right) cuddles with his new brother Aidan.

We just wanted to send you an update about how Buster (formerly known as Violin) is doing. He is the perfect addition to our family and we feel so fortunate to have been able to adopt him. Our current cat, Aidan, absolutely loves him. The two of them are inseparable and are constantly playing, snuggling, […]

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Happy Ending: Marley

Marley is so happy to be home!

Editor’s note: A little twist on the happy ending. Richard was moving, and he needed to surrender Marley. He brought Marley to Angel’s Wish, and they said a sad goodbye. Marley was soon adopted, but that adoption didn’t work out. He returned to Angel’s Wish to await another family. Richard returned to the area and contacted […]

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Happy Ending: Nebula

Nebula has already found some favorite perches

Nebula is adjusting to her new home exceptionally well! She is comfortable around all of the human roommates and she and the rabbit are acclimating slowly; the rabbit is surprisingly the alpha in the house! Over this past week, I have bathed her, cleaned out her ears and her coat has already improved and causes […]

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Happy Ending: Cindy Lou Who

What do you mean I can't play with the laser pointer AND feather toy at the same time?

  Cindy has settled into our routine quite well.  The moment we got home she set out to explore the entire apartment.  Since then she has gotten used to it, when I am home she is usually sleeping nearby, each day inching closer to my lap.  She’s very well behaved and never gets on the […]

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